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Foot Bikes - More Safety and More Fun for Urban Riders

foot bike

Foot bikes are a blend of a bike and a scooter, which make them ideal for riding in city traffic. They can be human-powered, as with all SIDEWALKER foot bikes, or motorized. Foot bikes originated from the need to create a mode of transportation that was adept and maneuverable in urban settings. Crowded city streets and sidewalks provide hazardous conditions for bike riding. With the intuitive design of SIDEWALKER foot bikes, the rider experiences the flexibility and safety of being able to easily hop on and off the scooter at a second’s notice. A rider can easily weave his or her way through pedestrians, traffic-jammed streets, tight corners and all the potholes and bumps that come with urban terrain.

Each SIDEWALKER foot bike offers different benefits to meet the needs of any rider:

The CITY model is great for getting around not only a city, but the countryside too. With 26” wheels, this model offers the smoothest ride and is great for long, straight roads, but also allows for the flexibility and maneuverability of short and medium rides as well.

The WILLY model is just wily! This foot bike features 20” wheels and is agile and intuitive enough to handle busy streets and sidewalks, and is the most popular model for dog owners.

The MICRO is perfect for the commuter who might need to take multiple forms of transportation in one trip as it is lightweight, foldable and has 12” wheels. Just fold it up and hop on the bus, or store it under your desk at work.

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